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It all started sometime in 1981 or the beginning of 1982 when a feasibility study to have a building for the Bengali Community in Toronto was done by a few visionary Bengalis.. In February 1984 a survey was made with some questions asked of the Bengali Community. The study concluded that we need a Mandir for religious purpose. The overwhelming majority supported a Mandir (Kalibari) in Greater Toronto Area. So the recommendation to build a temple was made by this committee at a meeting held at the then church building. The members of that committee were vigorously searching for a place for the temple. In February, 1986 they found a property with 10 acres of land and a three bedroom house in Brampton, 11762 McVean Drive. On June 2, 1986 that property was occupied. This was to be Toronto Kalibari’s home for the next twelve years. On taking possession on June 2, 1986 the rooms were renovated and a picture of Mother Kali (Kalighat) was established. This oil painting was worshiped for 12 years at 11762 McVean Drive until the temple was moved to the new building.

The Construction of the new building started on 24th September, 1997 and continued throughout the winter. The Board of Trustees sold the property at McVean Drive in order to finance the new building and ultimately moved to the present location on June 30, 1998. The Building was not complete when they moved in but finished within a year. What we see today is the result of continued dedication and efforts of Community Members and volunteers for over two decades and we hope that Toronto Kalibari will continue to function for many more decades to come.

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